Here are our services and price list. Please use the button below the services to schedule your appointment.

Integrated Treatments - In Office

This is a chance to meet the Practitioner and find out if acupuncture and/or alternative therapies are right for you.

No Charge

A comprehensive review of your health history. During this appointment, we will discuss in detail the issues you are experiencing and find the root cause. We will discuss a strategy to get you closer to your goal and, most notably, optimal health. If you have relevant labs or procedures, please email them before your appointment for review.

At the end of this treatment, we will have a plan of action; this may include further testing, herbal medicine,  acupuncture, or a combination of all three.

*Acupuncture is included in this treatment

Cost $175 (90 minutes)

This treatment includes a brief discussion and acupuncture treatment.

Cost $115 (45-60 minutes) *Discounted packages

This is a great way to start acupuncture and save $5 per treatment.

Cost $440

For those wanting to increase their savings we offer this package to save you $10 per treatment.

Cost $1260

Herbal Medicine is very beneficial and may be all you need. Included with the Herbal Medicine Program; a consultation, herbs (mailed if needed), changes in herbs based on your changes, weekly check-ins to see how you are progressing (in-person or via telehealth), and month-end re-evaluation.


Concierge Services

If you prefer to receive treatment in your home, we offer in-home concierge appointments. Before your first appointment, we will meet virtually so that we can figure out how to best support you, and to make sure we bring the right herbs and supplements with us to your visit.

Concierge services are not available for online booking. Please email the office at or call/text 941-264-7428 to set up a 15-minute Welcome Appointment and to schedule your Concierge Service. 

Housecalls- $450 (may increase based on travel time) 

Functional & Natural Medicine Appt.- Virtual

If you don’t live in the Sarasota area or don’t wish to receive acupuncture, this appointment would be the best fit. I help women from all over to regain their optimal health and feel their best. I do this by conducting a thorough deep dive into your health history. I will likely order tests to uncover underlying causes. After I receive all your results, we will discuss a plan of action. I use food therapy, herbs, supplements, and acupressure to create a detailed personal plan. Women need someone to check in on them, keep them accountable, and cheer them on. That is included.

The initial appointment consists of a 60-minute virtual session, ordering of labs, analyzing of labs, and a 30-minute discussion of labs and plan of action.

Cost $550 (2 appointments)

We will discuss in detail what is working and make course corrections where needed. When necessary more tests will be run to check for improvements. 

Cost $125 (30 minutes)