My First Fertility Case that Changed Everything!

My goal as an Integrative Reproductive Practitioner is to help you on your fertility journey. There are
highs and lows on every journey. I celebrate with you during the highs and embrace you during the lows.

I believe when you have several people behind you and encouraging you, the journey is easier.

My first experience with a true fertility case was with a patient I had during Clinicals at school. Michelle
was a feisty woman that knew what she wanted. She wanted a baby! The IVF clinics had turned her
away because her AMH was very low. That means her ovaries were not suppling a lot of eggs so her
chances of conception were decreased. She was over 40 and getting desperate. While in school we had
to interview the client and go present our case to the on-duty Doctor and they would approve our
treatment or go in and help us get more clarity.

I went in with my clinic partner and we asked our questions and went out to talk to the Doctor. Luckily,
the on-duty Doctor was a Gynecologist in China. I said there is no way this Lady is getting pregnant the
IVF already turned her away. The Doctor said let me go meet her. She walked in the room and talked
with her, and asked her more questions.

She smiled and said, you will have a baby, we will help you.

She helped us create a plan and off we went. After we treated her I remember asking the Doctor how she
could promise something so huge. She told me a profound statement, get her cycle in order and on time
and she will have a baby. I said but her AMH is so low. Her reply, yes but we have ways to fix it, herbs.
I was along for the ride because I couldn’t wrap my head around how we could change someone’s cycle.
Fast forward many months of treatments, changing herbal prescriptions as her period changed.

I remember so clearly the day that changed my life! In walks Michelle, with three bouquets of flowers. I literally screamed and ran to the front of the clinic, totally disturbing ALL the other patients.

That showed me the power of Chinese Medicine in a way I couldn’t believe. I’m happy to report that her
daughter is now in her Senior year of High School.

Many women experience fertility issues. Some easier to repair than others. My goal is to figure out what is changing your cycle, or getting in your way.

I treat many women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is one of the harder cases to treat, but can be done. Other issues I commonly treat are Endometriosis, Cysts, Short Cycles, Long Cycles, Irregular Cycles, Painful Periods, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, and I also treat a great number of women as they go through the IVF cycle.

Wherever you are on your journey I help restore function to help you have optimal health.