Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

I use an Eastern and Functional Medicine approach where I look at the whole person. Assessing all of the functions in the body and how they relate to each other.

Using a deep dive of your background, past medical issues, treatments, and complaints I look for the root cause of the issues. This may require further testing. Further tests, usually in the form of blood, saliva, or stool may be ordered.

After the results are in, I become a Medical Investigator and put all the pieces together to find a plan that works for you, allowing you to be the healthiest version of yourself. During this time we may need to course correct, and that is natural. Also, while you are changing you may feel some detoxing symptoms which may need to be addressed for a short time. My goal is that you feel vital and vibrant!

Issues Treated With Functional Medicine

How Are Underlying Issues Resolved With Functional Medicine

Diet – Does it need help? Maybe you are eating wonderfully but have bowel issues that don’t allow you to digest all the great things you eat.

Stress Levels – How are you dealing with stress? Are you screaming at every car that drives by because they are all idiots? They may very well be! But it’s our reaction to stress that is affecting us. So, we will focus on stress reduction, balance, and processing of stress.

Liver Function – Maybe your liver is not clearing your hormones, causing an abundance of estrogen in your body. We will discuss ways to soothe your liver and some supplements that help it with detoxification and the breaking down of hormones.

Bowel Movements – Perhaps your elimination is not where it should be. You will have a backup of waste and hormones that need to be eliminated, and instead, they are being reabsorbed. This needs to be addressed so you can feel less bloated and clear.

Blood Work – I like to make sure there aren’t any anemias or thyroid issues that need to be addressed. Both of these are very common with women and are relatively easy to shift.

For fertility patients – I like to know what is going on throughout the cycle. This is VERY important.

  • Are you ovulating?
  • What day do you ovulate?
  • How is your menstrual blood? Color? Consistency?
  • Do you experience pain before or during the bleeding part of your cycle?
  • Has your OB/GYN checked you for blockages?
  • Do you know your hormone levels?
  • How are your husband’s swimmers?

Functional Medicine treatments can include acupuncture or not (especially if you are not local). I know navigating Alternative Medicine can be daunting, so I am with you every step of the way. I check in to make sure if you have questions or changes, they are dealt with quickly. We all need support, and I want to ensure you are well taken care of!