Detox 360 Program

What is Detox 360º?

This is more than a cleansing program…

The goal of Detox 360º is to provide dietary & lifestyle recommendations, supplement support, AND one-to-one personal accountability.

The program’s focus is to anchor you with health-supporting habits and keep you accountable while learning and implementing. Detox 360º includes a detailed manual, food guides, targeted nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, and personal coaching.

This can be a stand-alone program or part of a bigger picture of lifestyle remodeling. The lifestyle remodeling option would include complete blood work & thyroid panel with analysis before and 3-6 months later to assess the progress. Acupuncture treatments can also be part of the bigger picture option.

Our bodies detoxifying organs (kidneys, liver, lymph, lungs, skin & intestines) work hard every day to neutralize toxins and cleanse our body. Due to stress, exposure. and lifestyle factors our bodies are burdened and are working in overdrive. Unless we take steps to address the process, our health may be affected.

Detox 360º’s approach supports your body in many different ways to provide coordinated, and multifaceted results.

What is Included with Detox 360º?

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