My goal as an Integrative Reproductive Practitioner is to help you on your fertility journey. There are highs and lows on every journey. I celebrate with you during the highs and embrace you during the lows. I believe when you have several people behind you and encouraging you, the journey is easier. My first experience … Read more

overwhelmed and stressed

Do you experience any of the following? Sleep issues, digestive issues, constantly feeling like everything is urgent, tension headaches, low energy, anxiety, irritability, sugar cravings, or overeating. These could be our body’s warning system that we are out of balance and stress could be the driver. We live a fast-paced life, and everyone needs your … Read more

I know many women who laugh and say, “didn’t I just have my period?”. Well, having a short cycle does affect your fertility potential. I want to share with you why decoding your cycle can help you become more fertile. What Does a Fertile Menstrual Cycle Look Like? It should be 28-30 days long with … Read more